About Us

People have different ideas and experiences with martial arts training. Some believe it is about learning kata (forms, arrangements of specific movements, in a specific order). And some believe it is all about learning to fight. Others believe it is the attainment of rank (different colored belts) until they earn the coveted black belt. Yoshukai karate does teach kata, both open hand and with specific weapons, and we do teach fighting, from point fighting with full padded gear through full contact knockdown without any gear, and we do teach self-defense. And although we do award rank, it must be earned by demonstrating understanding of kata, terminology, required techniques, fighting skills, and board breaking (to demonstrate focus and strength of technique). We are most definitely not focused on awarding of rank. It is the student’s effort and mastery of skills taught that will determine when rank is awarded, not the length of time enrolled in classes.

At Auburn Karate, we believe in building strong karateka (students of karate). We focus our beginning instruction on the very basic skills of kicking, punching, and blocking. We attempt to teach respect & manners (which is Yoshukai’s first precept, or rule), self-confidence, and responsibility. We teach students that they are responsible for their actions, their decisions, their behavior. Each class begins with exercises for stretching, flexibility, coordination, and basic fitness. Our instruction on kata includes *reasons* (bunkai) for each movement. Knowing why we make a specific move is critical to understanding the objective: personal safety and self defense. As the student progresses in kata and understanding of bunkai, we introduce sparring and self-defense (the application of technique and bunkai).

If the expectation is to achieve a black belt as quickly as possible, then Auburn Karate is probably not the right martial art choice for you, or your child. On average, those students who have learned the necessary skills for their next rank will be tested every four to six months. If, as a student of karate, progressing through skills such as learning how to properly block, punch, and kick, learning movements of self defense and fighting, while improving self confidence, responsibility, and respect, is the priority, then Auburn Karate may be the right choice.

Our youth classes have students from 5 years old to about 12 years old. Based on age and size, we then move students into our teen / adult class, where they will receive more experience, more in depth instruction, and greater challenges. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to you, or your youth joining our classes!