Class Fees:
Class Fees are $150/quarter. An Official Yoshukai uniform (gi – hard “g”) is required at a cost of $40. A new student will pay $190 for their first quarter and $150 per quarter after that.

If you require a new/replacement gi, the cost is $40. We do offer some more durable, specialty gi, but you must talk to an instructor if you are interested in those.
Testing Fees:
Testing fees are $40/test. The testing fee covers the fee paid to the international karate organization (World Yoshukai Karate Kobudo Organization) for testing, a very nice certificate of rank, and the boards broken in testing. Students will only be tested at the discretion of the instructors. The students or the parents have the right to decline testing, but not to demand testing.
Membership Fees:
WYKKO Membership in good standing is required to be tested for advancement. That is an annual fee of $50 for a single student (they offer discounts for families with multiple students). Those fees can be paid to Auburn Karate or directly to WYKKO. They do offer an online payment option with a credit card.
Sparring Gear:
Sparring gear is required if the student will participate in class sparring or competition sparring. We do not *require* that a student participate in class sparring events, but we do highly recommend it if the student is interested in self-defense or building self-confidence. Please do not purchase sparring gear without discussing the requirements with a senior instructor. We do offer all of the required sparring gear to you at our cost ($120). However, you are able to purchase similar equipment on your own, if you so desire, but it must meet the minimum requirements for the dojo.
Basic weapons will be provided by Auburn Karate as the students progress in rank. If you desire extra weapons, lose your weapons, break your weapons, or wish fancier weapons for competitions, you may talk to a senior instructor about those purchases. Please do not purchase weapons on your own without discussing with the senior instructors. Weapons (below black belt) range from $20 to $150, depending on the weapon and the quality.