Sensei Jim Robertson, a 2nd degree black belt, has been the dojo’s primary instructor for youth classes since July 2016. After having Sensei Jim assist him with teaching classes for the previous 6 years, Shihan Page decided it was time to retire, after 27 years, as the primary instructor. The dojo, and all that came with it, fell to the responsibility of Sensei Jim. Assisting young karateka find their voice, grow their self-confidence, and progress in their skill of this martial art, has been an absolute pleasure.
Shihan Tim Stack, a 5th degree black belt, has been active in Yoshukai karate since 1985 and earned his black belt in 1989. He has been a long time student and instructor, and he won the Oxford light weight semi-knockout fights in 2000. Mr. Stack is a computer programmer by trade, but after September 11, 2001 he was deployed all over the world as an infantry officer in the National Guard. He has served on both homeland security and in the Global War on Terror by protecting stateside infrastructure and later volunteering to serve in Iraq, where he won a bronze star for his actions against armed looters in the Sunni Triangle. Mr. Stack now conducts a part time real estate business, maintains a private pilot’s license, and teaches Yoshukai when not deployed.
Shihan Travis Page, a sixth degree black belt, has won many titles in open knock-out tournaments, Alabama kick boxing championships, and boxing competitions. He has trained boxers for the Auburn boxing tournament. He also holds black belts in judo and ju-jitsu. He is three time champion, and still holder with assistance of his uki Fred Lecut, in self-defense competitions.